Why Coffeeshop Johnny may ask you for identification

The municipality of Amsterdam unfortunately forces us to monitor more rigorously the age limit of customers entering our shop.

This means in practice that when one of our employees is unsure if you are under the age of 30 or you are not recognized as one of our regular customers. Then we reserve the right to ask you for a valid identification. As carrying a valid form of identification at all times is required by law in The Netherlands, it should prove to be no problem at all.

We accept the following valid identification documents:

– A valid ID,
– A valid driver’s license,
– A valid passport.

If you can not or will not provide identification then we will simply ask you to leave our establishment.

We understand that it may be annoying if we have to ask you for age verification but please take it as a compliment that we estimate your age to be younger than you look. We apologize for the complications and hope to see you with identification.

The employees of Coffeeshop Johnny.