The Shop

Cofffeeshop Johnny has a modern, friendly feel to it. Why not check out our virtual tour ?
Coffeeshop Johnny at Elandsgracht 3 Amsterdam.
Picture showing the inside of Coffeeshop Johnny Amsterdam.

Coffeeshop Johnny

The Shop

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist chaos in the city center and come find us on Elandsgracht, near De 9 Straatjes. Coffeeshop Johnny provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the real parts of Amsterdam, where the locals live and hang out.

Come and visit us at Coffeeshop Johnny.

Simply click on the Directions arrow near the top left of the map and Google will create your very own set of directions right to our door. We’re about a ten minute walk from the center of Amsterdam or around 15 minutes if your coming straight from the station. De 9 Straatjes is a fantastic place to begin your exploration of Amsterdam. Start your trip off by exploring this 400 year old area, rich in the architectural styles that are Amsterdam’s heritage.

From the moment you enter our wonderful little Coffeeshop in Amsterdam you’ll notice there is something different about the way we do things

ID Required

We reserve the right to ask any customer who looks under the age of 30 for ID

Why we ask for ID

Mobile Phones

We kindly ask that you do not use your mobile telephone to make or receive calls while inside our shop

Take a look inside Coffeeshop Johnny

Learn more about our Amsterdam Coffeeshop by clicking on the hotspot’s

Cofffeeshop Johnny has a modern, friendly feel to it. Why not check out our virtual tour ?

Grinders, papers, pipes and other accessories available


Amsterdam Genetics Seeds


Modern menu system listing our products, prices and effects in English


Our range of quality products


Seating available at the bar area

The Coffeeshop Industry

Coffeeshop Johnny

Since we first opened our doors back in October 1991 the coffeeshop industry has seen many changes. In the early ninety’s there was around 850 coffee shops operating in the Amsterdam area, as of May 2016 that number is down to around only 180. One of the biggest changes to the Coffeeshop Industry came in July 2008 when the introduction of the tobacco smoking ban in public places.

Over the years our little Amsterdam Coffee Shop has itself seen a few changes when it comes to decor. To celebrate Coffeeshop Johnny being 25 years old in October we’re about to undergo a fantastic new face lift to the outside. See how Coffeeshop Johnny has changed over the years in our online photo gallery.

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Products & Goods


  • Coffee
    € 2.50
  • Red Bull
    € 3.50
  • Water
    € 2.50
  • Cola
    € 2.50
  • Lipton Green Ice Tea
    € 2.50


  • T-Shirt Johnny (Grey)
    € 10.00
  • Johnny Keyhanger/Sleutelhanger
  • AMG Spacecake
    € 10.00
  • AMG Spacebars
    € 10.00
  • Pipe incl. Screens
    € 5.00


  • Johnny Grinder
    € 4.00
  • Rolling Papers
    € 1.00
  • Cones
    € 1.00
  • Lighter Djeep
    € 2.00
Picture showing the Coffeeshop Menu displayed in the counter at Coffeeshop Johnny Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Johnny in the Music Industry

Ras Manuel

Ganja Woman

Coffeeshop Johnny appearing in Ras Manuel's video Ganja Women

Ras P

Let’s Make Love

Coffeeshop Johnny appearing in Ras P's "Let's Make Love" video

Fire Friendly Band

Welcome to Holland

Coffeeshop Johnny appearing in the Friendly Fire Band featuring Lion Art

Over the years Coffeeshop Johnny has seen celebrities like the Ramones and several American movie actors walk through the doors looking for a Dutch treat shall we say. Reggae has always been a part of the Amsterdam scene, Coffeeshop Johnny has played it own part in various music videos. From great music artists such as Ras Manuel, Ras P and The Friendly Fire Band featuring Lion Art. Take a few minutes to enjoy some great Reggae hits and see if you can spot our fantastic little Amsterdam Coffeeshop in each video.